Are you looking for new and unique items to sell on your website, Ebay Store or Amazon Account??

We sell wholesale to the public and, with our no fee Drop Ship program (finally a quality free dropshipping program), you can list our products on various sites such as Alibaba, Sears, eBay, Amazon….all without the expense of stocking the items at your location. Add our products to your own website using our images and descriptions and start making money today!

It’s easy, just list our products on your website or E-commerce account, mark it at a higher price, and when the customer orders the product, simply order it from and we will mail it directly to your customer.  You have full rights and privileges to use our pictures and descriptions on your website listings or ebay auctions as well as any other websites you would like to sell our products on (as long as you are buying the banknotes and collectibles from us).

What is Dropshipping?
Dropshipping is the procedure in which a retailer (you) does not stock the goods they offer for sale but instead uses the products vendor ( to ship the goods to their customers for them. The retailer makes their money on the difference between the price they sold the item for and the cost the dropshipper charges them (your profit).

Is there a fee for using your Drop Ship Services?
Unlike some dropshippers or dropshipping services, does not charge a fee to their customers in order to use the drop ship program. Our dropshipping program is free to use. You will only pay for the item(s) you sell plus applicable shipping charges. This puts all the profits into your pocket.

How much can I mark up the items in your Free Dropshipping Program?
The sky is the limit.  The best part about our banknotes, currency and world paper money is that they carry an extreme subjective value (meaning some people are willing to pay $1 while others will pay $10,000 for the same item).  This allows our banknotes to sell for absurdly high prices on select platforms.  These notes are especially great for websites that already sell collectibles or the like.

How fast do you normally drop ship the item?
We generally ship the item to your customer on the same day, or next day, not including holidays and weekends. Expect a slight delay during November and December due to extra sales volume. We will email you tracking once your order ships. You can also review tracking information and order status’ by logging in to your account.  We ship from Connecticut USA.