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New World Banknotes For Sale From Yugoslavia

We are back at it on a mission to list every banknote in the world for our collector friends.  This week we have added a bunch of banknotes and world paper money from Yugoslavia for sale.

The banknotes which we purchased in an auction vary in years dating back to over 50 years ago and range from uncirculated to circulated condition.  Check out our entire catalog of Yugoslavia Banknotes by clicking here.

Some of our favorites from the collection include:





Yugoslavia 100 Dinara Banknote 1986 P-90c Unc: BUY HERE

Yugoslavia 100 Dinara 1986

Banknotes For Sale (NEW)

We have been working hard adding new banknotes for sale here on

Some new banknotes for sale that have been added can be found here:

If you have any questions about our new selection of banknotes for sale please contact us at

All banknotes for sale are shipped in protective packaging to keep their numismatic value.

We want to complete your Banknote Collection!

Every week we add more banknotes for sale and after over 3 years in business we are changing our mission statement:

We strive to be the banknote dealer that helps you finish your collection!

We have always had a fond place in our hearts for banknotes and banknote collectors and now we are more focused than ever to provide banknote collectors with exactly what they want; that last banknote or paper money currency to finish their collection.  No matter if you are collecting world paper money bundles or currency banknotes from India, we want to help find the last banknote for your collection.  Shop our large collection of banknotes today!

New Banknotes for Sale from Poland!

As promised, we continue to grow our inventory of gem mint uncirculated banknotes for sale here on….

Check out this weeks additions of Poland Banknotes which include Poland Banknote P-142, P-143 and P-149.  All Poland Banknotes for Sale can be found by clicking this link.

Poland 50 Zlotych 1988 Banknote P142 for Sale

New Banknotes for Sale: Afghanistan Afghani Banknote Bundles, Korean 500 Won Banknote, Yugoslavia 10 1968 Dinara Banknote, Poland 50 Zlotych Banknote and more!

As usual, we are adding new banknotes to our website daily for sale.  Over the last 7 days we have added Afghanistan Afghani Banknote Bundles, Korean 500 Won Banknote, Yugoslavia 10 1968 Dinara Banknote, Poland 50 Zlotych Banknote and more!

Here is a quick look of what we added for sale:





How we keep our banknotes; Our Focus on Quality

If you have not browsed out listing of banknotes, coins and collectibles already, you should.  Our prices are not the lowest, but you will continuously see a large selection of gem mint, uncirculated banknotes for sale.  We pride ourselves in offering the best banknotes and world paper money on the market.  While each listing is different, the majority of our banknotes come individually cased in rigid BCW currency cases.  And shipped in protective packing.

We don’t hold back so if you order 7 individual banknotes, we are not going to stuff them all in 1 or 2 cases, you get 7 premium cases.

Moving forward, we will begin to offer more circulated currencies, but in these cases generally the actual photo of the banknote will be scanned into the listing.

We stand behind every sale we make and if you have any special requests, comments or concerns; please email us at

-Nicky Nice

Banknotes For Sale Now Available in 1/2 Bundles and 1/4 Bundles

Over the next few weeks, we are continuing to add 1/2 bundles and 1/4 bundles of banknotes for sale on our website here at

Last week we announced through our Facebook and Twitter that we cease operations on our Ebay Store and only sell banknotes and our collection of banknote bundles via

While our Ebay Store will still operate to sell household goods, our numismatic sales will be limited to this website.  Here we can offer a larger selection of banknotes and notaphily related items at a better price.

As related to the new listing for 1/4 banknote bundles and 1/2 banknote bundles, they are listed under our categories for “Wholesale Banknotes“, “World Banknote Bundles“, and “World Banknote Collections


We have added 2 new banknotes to our inventory under “China Banknotes

Fen (Chinese: fēn (分)), is a unit of currency used in Greater China, including People’s Republic of China (Mainland China), Republic of China (Taiwan), Hong Kong and Macao. One fen is equal to one-hundredth of a yuan or tenth of a Chinese jiao.

Renminbi were issued in coin denominations of 1, 2, and 5 fen and also banknotes denominations of 1, 2, and 5 fen.


We have added new banknotes for sale on our website.  If you would like to shop or purchase any of the new inventory of Afghanistan Banknotes for sale here in, click here.  Below is some history and information in Currency, specifically banknotes from Afghanistan.  The pictures included are some of the banknotes available for sale here on

The Afghanistan Currency has had a long and mixed history.

The first Afghani (ISO 4217 code: AFA) was introduced in 1925. In addition to being subdivided into 100 pul, 20 Afghani were equal to the amani. The rate of conversion from the rupee is sometimes quoted as 1 Afghani = 1 rupee 6 paisa, based on the silver contents of the last rupee coins and the first Afghani coins. The Afghani initially contained 9 grams of silver.

Except during World War II Afghanistan’s foreign exchange rate has been freely determined by market forces. However, for some periods, a dual exchange rate regime existed in Afghanistan: an official exchange rate which was fixed by the Afghan Central Bank, and a free market exchange rate which was determined by the supply and demand forces in Kabul’s money bazaar called Saraye Shahzada. For example, in order to avoid the seasonal fluctuations in the exchange rate, a fixed exchange rate was adopted in 1935 by the Bank-e Milli, which was then responsible for the country’s exchange rate system and official reserves. Bank-e Millie agreed to exchange the Afghanis at 4 Afs against 1 Indian Rupee in 1935. After the establishment of Da Afghanistan Bank as the Central Bank of Afghanistan, such a preferential official fixed exchange rate continued to be practiced. Although Da Afghanistan Bank tried to keep its official rate close to the Saraye Shahzada’s exchange rate, the gap between the official and free-market exchange rates widened in the 1980s and during the civil war.

Since 2002, Da Afghanistan Bank has adopted a floating exchange rate regime and has let the exchange rate to be determined freely by market forces.

Between October 7, 2002, and January 2, 2003, a new Afghani was introduced with the ISO 4217 code AFN. No subdivisions have been issued. It replaced the previous Afghani at two distinct rates. Issues of the government of President Burhanuddin Rabbani were replaced at a rate of 1000 to the new Afghani, whilst the issues of Abdul Rashid Dostum (the Northern Alliance) were replaced at a rate of 2000 to the new Afghani, The new Afghani was valued at 43 Afghani to the U.S. dollar.

On 7 October 2002, banknotes were introduced in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 Afghanis. The 1, 2 and 5 Afghani notes were replaced by coins in 2005. In 2004 and 2008, the security features on several denominations were improved.