Nicky Nice Numismatics Review of Whitman’s Official Blue Book Handbook of United States Coins

We continue our web video series online focused on numismatics.   In this YouTube video we review the coin guide handbook that almost every coin buyer should own.  The Whitman’s Official Blue Book Handbook of United States Coin is in it’s 75th edition and counting and this complete handbook of USA coins is awesome!!  Here is our full review of the coin guide:

What Is The Difference Between Whitman’s Official Blue Book Coin Guide & The Official Red Book Coin Guide

After some research online and questions asked at coin shows we realized that many novice collectors wanted to know the difference between the red book coin guide and the blue book coin guide.  I made a video to discuss the difference but in short; the blue book has wholesale prices for coins and the red book has retail prices for coins.  Let me explain further:

A Review of The Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money by Krause Publications

We love world paper money but let’s get real; there is nothing better than collecting banknotes from your own country.  In this video we review The Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money published by Krause Publications.

A Review of The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money by Krause Publications

Here at Nicky Nice Numismatics we look collecting banknotes and we thought we would take the time to review some of our favorite numismatic books and banknote guides.  In this video we review the bible of world paper money collecting.  The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money by Krause Publications.

Nicky Nice Numismatics Show of World Paper Money & Banknotes from Argentina Burma Myanmar & China

We are working on a title or series name for our YouTube show about banknotes and world paper money.  Any suggestions??  Email us if you think of something clever and if we use it we will send you a few free banknotes from our overstock.  In the YouTube video below we show our subscribers banknotes from Argentina, Burma, Myanmar and China.

Nicky Nice Numismatics World Paper Money YouTube Show

We occasionally post world paper money and banknote videos on YouTube.  Check out our latest video where we show some banknotes from Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea & Indonesia.  All the banknotes in the video are available here on

Paper Money Bundle Hunting, Coin Roll Hunting & Buying Banknotes in Bundles

If you are new to world paper money collecting, banknote collecting or coin collecting this video is for you.  In this video from the Nicky Nice Numismatics YouTube channel discusses the best practices to acquire a solid paper money banknote or coin collection at below numismatic retail value.  This means lower than you can buy the banknotes or coins on Ebay or a local coin shop.  On YouTube I named this video “How To Acquire Coin & World Paper Money Banknote Collections Under Numismatics Retail Value” but it has some gems that I discuss like coin roll hunting, searching through bundles for specific banknotes (radar banknotes, ladder banknotes, etc) and how to limit your risk on paper money collecting. Enjoy!

If you have any questions about banknotes, coins, bullion or any other products on our website for sale, simply contact me here.  We ship worldwide and our shipping rate chart can be found here.

So You Want To Collect World Paper Money Banknotes & Coins?

This I started our Nicky Nice Numismatics YouTube channel where I am going to discuss banknotes, paper money, coin collecting and just about everything related to numismatics.  I am also having a mini series on my personal banknote collection.  In one of my first videos I discuss the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE COLLECTING COINS OR BANKNOTES!!!

Also, I put up our worldwide shipping price sheet last week, you can see this here.  Enjoy!  Any questions just contact me here.

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CEO of Nicky Nice Numismatics

“Why I Started Investing In Numismatics & Banknotes” by CEO

My name is Nicky and as an entrepreneur in addition to building the Nicky Nice brands and I also have a vlog where I journal my entrepreneurial ventures.  As numismatics and banknote collecting are among my entrepreneurial ventures; I vlogged about it.

Here in an episode of my web series “An Entrepreneur’s Journey” on YouTube I tell the world why I began investing and eventually became a dealer of paper money, coins, bullion and currency as a collectible & investment.

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