New Korean Paper Money Banknotes Added to Inventory

We have added new banknotes from North Korea to our website.  Some of the pictures are below and you can find them by following this link: North Korean Won Banknotes For Sale

The won (symbol: ₩; code: KPW) or Korean People’s Won is the official currency of North Korea. It is subdivided into 100 chon. The won is issued by the Central Bank of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, based in the capital city, Pyongyang. The official currency of South Korea, issued by the Bank of Korea which is based in its capital city, Seoul, is divided into the same number of units, and is known as the South Korean won.

The won became the currency of North Korea on December 6, 1947, replacing the Korean yen that was still in circulation.

North Korean won are intended exclusively for North Korean citizens, and the Bank of Trade (무역은행) issued a separate currency (or foreign exchange certificates) for visitors, like many other socialist states. However, North Korea made two varieties of foreign exchange certificates, one for visitors from “socialist countries” which were colored red and hence nicknamed “red won”, and the other for visitors from “capitalist countries” which were colored blue/green and hence known as “blue won”. FECs were used until 1999, then officially abolished in 2002, in favor of visitors paying directly with hard currency, especially the euro.